We conduct comprehensive research, development, and evaluation that enhances Pre-K-16 education globally. You’ll find our innovative methods and indicators for evaluating educational quality in broad use, including comprehensive approaches for monitoring and improving schools and their programs.

Our researchers are also making important contributions to the development of next-generation K-12 assessments that measure college and career readiness. Additionally, our work in higher education supports teacher capacity-building programs, as well as adult learning. And we develop models, methods and statistical software that address measurement error issues – bolstering the validity of inferences and the statistical power of educational assessment and evaluation studies industry-wide.

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    Evaluation of Magnet Schools Assistance Program

    Evaluation, Learning Design, Methodology

    While magnet school initiatives have garnered support across the country, many questions remain regarding student achievement within these programs in relation to “conventional” public schools. The goal of this rigorous evaluation was to measure the Magnet Schools Assistance Program’s (MSAP) impact on student achievement, using a statistically rigorous, high-quality quasi-experimental design. We worked with magnet […]

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    Research Study of Literacy Design Collaborative

    Evaluation, Learning Design, Methodology

    CRESST is the independent external evaluator for LDC’s i3 validation grant, and is examining the implementation and impact of the LDC intervention on the New York City Department of Education and the Los Angeles Unified School District. The study will be a comprehensive mixed-methods evaluation to understand the impact of LDC on student learning using […]

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    PBS Kids: Big Data for Little Kids

    Assessment, Data Use, Learning Design, Technology

    For the past four years, CRESST has collaborated with PBS KIDS on their Ready To Learn (RTL) program. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, this program leverages content on television, the Internet and other media to help millions of young children—particularly those living in poverty—learn the basic reading, math, and science skills needed for […]

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    Assessment, Technology

    Imbellus is a venture-backed startup that develops new ways to measure human potential to help our nation better prepare for the future of work. CRESST is providing expertise on the psychometric framework and scoring methodologies to be used in Imbellus’ initial products. This process will include tasks like understanding data to inform rubric design and translating […]

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