Smarter Balanced: Accessible Rendered Item (ARI) Format Specification

Assessment, Technology

Working with and building on prior work from Smarter Balanced, the Accessible Rendered Item (ARI) format is a new concept for describing computer-administered assessment items. The concept is to provide a standardized mechanism to transform items from their native authoring formats or exchange formats (e.g., IMS QTI, SmarterApp Assessment Item Format) into a common HTML plus JavaScript format used to describe item rendering and behavior. The ARI rendering process and output format is similar to how documents can be rendered from their native formats into PDF documents. The ARI format results in reduced implementation complexity for the test delivery system, as it is implemented using only common web technologies, which provides greater control over how an item renders compared to other item authoring and exchange representations. Furthermore, the ARI format presents increased opportunities for innovation, as new and extended features can be supported directly with no changes in the core technology. These new formats could include such things as games and simulations as part of the test.


Project Director(s):

Alan Koenig