Smarter Balanced: Implementation Readiness Package (IRP)

Assessment, Technology

States that utilize Smarter Balanced assessments for their testing hold the responsibility of selecting and deploying a Test Delivery System to administer and deliver the assessments to their students. Any such system that is chosen should be verified that it can (a) deliver assessment items with authenticity, (b) score items and tests properly, and (c) deliver assessment results to the Smarter Balanced Data Warehouse, according to required data specifications. To aid this verification process, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has contracted with CRESST to develop an Implementation Readiness Package (IRP). IRP is a blend of software test harnesses and written specifications that individual states and their vendors can use to guide and inform their Test Delivery System compliance. Included are evaluations of data capture, item scoring, test scoring, data warehouse compliance, and the CAT (computer adaptive testing) engine performance.

Project Director(s):

Alan Koenig, John Lee