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2000 CRESST Conference Proceedings: Educational Accountability in the 21st Century

Oct 2001

Anne Lewis

As a mentor rather than advocate, CRESST provided an opportunity at its 2000 annual conference for more than 200 practitioners and researchers to debate and to develop consensus about how to build a quality K-12 accountability system. Part of the September 14-15 conference focused on changing the design in the middle of the construction process. Participants listened to competing approaches, heard about the most current research on aspects of accountability, weighed the mistakes that have been made, and concluded that accountability also extends to policymakers at state and national levels. A summary is provided in these conference proceedings.

Lewis, A. (2001). 2000 CRESST conference proceedings: Educational accountability in the 21st century (CSE Report 549). Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST).