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Our researchers publish numerous technical reports and articles every year, primarily in distinguished peer-reviewed journals, but also in more practice- and policy-focused publications. Here, you can browse our comprehensive database of historical and current research to gain valuable insights and perspectives.

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Does “Measure Up!” Measure Up? Evaluation of an iPad App to Teach Preschoolers Measurement Concepts

Katerina Schenke, Elizabeth J. K. H. Redman, Gregory K. W. K. Chung, Sandy M. Chang, Tianying Feng, Charles B. Parks, and Jeremy D. Roberts

March 2020
June 2019

Literacy Design Collaborative 2017–2018 Evaluation Report

Jia Wang, Joan L. Herman, Scott Epstein, Seth Leon, Deborah La Torre, Sandy Chang, Velette Bozeman, and Julie Haubner

KEYWORDS: , , , , , ,
April 2019

Validating Career-Readiness Features in High School Assessments

Jenny C. Kao, Nichole M. Rivera, Brettany Clemens, and Li Cai

December 2018

Career-Readiness Features in Korean Assessment Items

Kilchan Choi, Jenny C. Kao, Nichole M. Rivera, and Li Cai

December 2018

Using Feature Analysis to Examine Career Readiness in High School Assessments

Jenny C. Kao, Kilchan Choi, Nichole M. Rivera, Ayesha Madni, and Li Cai

December 2018
December 2018
October 2018

To the Means and Beyond: Understanding Variation in Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Emotional Support

Katerina Schenke, Erik Ruzek, Arena C. Lam, Stuart A. Karabenick, and Jacquelynne S. Eccles

June 2018
March 2018

Is There a Magnet-School Effect? A Multisite Study of MSAP-Funded Magnet Schools

Jia Wang, Jonathan D. Schweig, and Joan L. Herman

January 2018