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Our researchers publish numerous technical reports and articles every year, primarily in distinguished peer-reviewed journals, but also in more practice- and policy-focused publications. Here, you can browse our comprehensive database of historical and current research to gain valuable insights and perspectives.

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CSEIP Simulated Evaluation Exercise: Instruction Guide

Marvin C. Alkin, Mary M. Bentzen, J. Eugene Grigsby III, Stuart Johnson, and Rita Johnson

June 1968

The Measurement of Campus and Student Morale

Lora Robinson and Richard Seligman

April 1968
March 1968

Item Sampling in Educational Research

T. R. Husek and Ken Sirotnik

December 1967

Cognitive Structures and Educational Evaluation

R. W. Skager and L. A. Broadbent

April 1967

Teacher Appraisal: A Matching Process

Garth Sorenson and Cecily F. Gross

April 1967
February 1967

Cloze Readability Procedure

John R. Bormuth

February 1967