Assessment, Data Use, Evaluation, Learning Design, Methodology, Technology

CRESST is serving as an external evaluator for an NSF study in partnership with LAUSD. Our primary role has been to document the evolution of Mobilize curricula, their implementation, teachers’ learning in computational and statistical thinking practices, and growth in using inquiry-based strategies. In addition, the team has examined students’ learning and STEM attitudes through the development of a series of computational thinking tasks, analysis of student work, surveys and interviews.

Our overarching goal for the Mobilize project is to enhance student learning and engagement around computational thinking practices and statistical thinking. By engaging in Mobilize curricula (integrated into Algebra 1 and Biology classes, as well as a new standalone course: Introduction to Data Science), students will encounter and learn more about the nature of data, algorithms, statistics, the intersection of mathematics, science and other disciplines with civic engagement, and problem-solving skills.

Project Director(s):

Christine Ong