“We have a strong focus on innovation. We’re raising the bar and coming up with groundbreaking ways to do research and improve education.”

Ayesha Madni | Research Scientist


CRESST is leading the way with innovative solutions and insights—from inspired product development that focuses on learning, assessment, and psychometric activities to groundbreaking research with far-reaching applications. Our pioneering work continues to transform the way people learn, both within the educational field and across a diverse range of industries—positively impacting millions around the world.


From our historical research that helped shape the very foundations of learning assessment to cutting-edge papers and published work, you’ll have an unrivaled knowledge base at your fingertips.

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Games & Simulations

Our interactive games and simulations represent a unique path forward, engaging audiences and assessing skill sets and competencies. We offer full life cycle implementation, spanning the research and advanced methodologies that underpin the user experience to the development capabilities that bring each game and simulation to life.

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Classroom Tools

We partnered with the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) to create a series of educational resources designed for and by K-12 educators.

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