“We don’t only work in labs—you’ll find us in schools, interacting with teachers and giving them the tools they need to improve education systems.”
Li Cai | Director

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and technologies

CRESST’s transformative research and innovations are born from the extraordinary minds of our people. Our teams include internationally distinguished psychometricians, technology designers, learning experts, evaluators, and assessment specialists, including many who possess significant influence on educational reform.

We are also able to leverage the best and brightest individuals across the UCLA campus, ranging from the medical school to the linguistics department. Additionally, that freedom includes full access to the university’s cutting-edge technology—a visualization portal, technology sandbox, and comprehensive statistical computing systems. It’s a full complement of powerful resources on which to draw.

Our capabilities have been applied to a wide breadth of entities including the federal government, state education departments, DoD agencies, national academies, and schools where we have achieved hard-won, practical changes.


We deliver actionable, meaningful research and development that advances the field of educational assessment and evaluation, promotes effective and equitable education policy, and improves evidence-based inferences.

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CRESST is home to some of the most preeminent scholars and researchers in their respective fields. These skilled individuals collaborate with our clients, peeling back the layers to reveal effective global solutions to education and learning challenges.

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