“We do a wide variety of project work—from engagements with the military to building physics games for second graders—and everything in between.”

Alan Koenig | Senior Research Scientist

Forging a unique path in research.

We’ve expanded our historical work beyond the traditional K-12 audience, making a significant impact in higher education, the health industry, and defense.


With a rich history steeped in education and an unwavering dedication to this day, we are uniquely positioned to guide policies and create the kinds of tools that improve the quality of learning. Our leading-edge work solves some of the greatest issues facing Pre-K-16 students, educators, stakeholders, and policymakers.

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We partner with the U.S. military to model and implement assessment and training systems that produce hard-to-measure information—like cognitively complex performance data, decision-making abilities, and situation awareness. Our efforts help bolster military preparedness, safeguard national security, and protect critical assets around the world.

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Through interdisciplinary research, we evaluate medical simulations and assess both individual and team skills, shining a light on opportunities to elevate the level of performance and care.

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