Developing Career-Readiness Indicators: EAG

Assessment, Methodology, Technology

As part of an Enhanced Assessment Grant, in collaboration with the California Department of Education, this project is aimed at (1) directly supporting California’s current K-12 assessment initiatives; (2) producing information, tools, and methodologies that will inform the assessment work; and (3) developing career readiness indices for California high school assessments to improve career readiness inferences. One initiative of the State is to advance career technical education and prepare students for 21st century career options. Innovative measurement and methodological work, including career-readiness features analyses, may support such goals. Exploratory research questions include:  What are the features of assessment items that predict career readiness? Based on developed indices, are there meaningful differences in performance across participant groups (i.e., high school students, community college/vocational students, full-time workers?) As exemplars, two rapidly growing careers from two different industries were chosen: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and web developer. In addition, we are concurrently developing prototype innovative assessment items aimed at directly measuring career-readiness skills. We are also developing prototype digital resources to support career readiness.

Project Director(s):

Li Cai, Eva Baker, Noelle Griffin