Peer-Assisted Reflection on Student Learning (PAROSL)

Professional Learning

CRESST provides technical assistance for the Peer-Assisted Reflection on Student Learning (PAROSL) project in collaboration with UCLA’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching; Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences; and the Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms initiative, which is part of the Division of the Humanities.

The PAROSL process, informed by both research on best practices and extensive stakeholder input, prioritizes collaboration, reflection, and innovation among faculty, rather than evaluation or measurement of proficiency. Substantively, PAROSL focuses on student-centered instruction and inclusive teaching practices. PAROSL aims to enhance the education of UCLA students by creating space for faculty to learn with and from each other.

Qualitative data are being collected in a series of small-scale usability studies involving UCLA faculty. The findings of each study are used to refine the subsequent iteration of PAROSL, which has become a toolkit for faculty to build their teaching practices as part of a collaborative peer observation team. In the context of COVID-19 and increased virtual coursework, PAROSL has been adapted to support remote or online instruction. The next stages of the project will involve broader adoption across campus, further refinement, and evaluation.

Project Director(s):

Noelle Griffin, Glory Tobiason