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A Process Model of Dropping out of School: Implications for Research and Policy in an Era of Raised Academic Standards

Dec 1986

James S. Catterall

This article draws on path-like models of student attrition developed by researchers concerned with American higher education to suggest a process model applicable to secondary school leaving. Existing research on school dropouts is conducted largely without the guidance of such a model. Accumulated evidence on school dropouts is discussed in light of the suggested model and tends to support its structure and central constructs. Some implications of the model for future research into dropping out, the effects of legislated academic standards for the high school diploma, and dropout prevention efforts are explored.

Catterall, J. S. (1986). A process model of dropping out of school: Implications for research and policy in an era of raised academic standards (CSE Report 264). Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles, Center for the Study of Evaluation.