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Domain-Referenced Curriculum Evaluation: A Technical Handbook and a Case Study from the MINNEMAST Project

Dec 1973

Wells Hively, Graham Maxwell, George Rabehl, Donald Sension and Stephen Lundin

The CSE Monograph Series in Evaluation covers a broad spectrum of evaluation activities and issues–theoretical and practical–comprising evaluation, by presenting the work of experts in the field who represent a wide range of educational philosophies and who subscribe to a variety of evaluation frameworks and models. This volume is on the topic of domain-referenced curriculum evaluation.

Hively, W., Maxwell, G., Rabehl, G., Sension, D., & Lundin, S. (1973). Domain-referenced curriculum evaluation: A technical handbook and a case study from the MINNEMAST project (CSE Monograph 1). Los Angeles: University of California, Los Angeles, Center for the Study of Evaluation.