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Teaching and Learning at 31 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sep 2022

Jia Wang, Deborah La Torre, Linda F. Adreani, Lauren Kinnard, Seth Leon, David Kikoler, and Elaine Rosales

COVID-19 changed the experiences of K–12 students and teachers in ways that are not yet well-documented. This report provides initial insights into teaching and learning during the pandemic from the perspectives of teachers and students at 31 public schools in three states. The analyses indicate that about two thirds of the teachers surveyed thought their students learned less than they had prior to the pandemic. In contrast, the majority of the students surveyed reported that they learned as much as or more than before the pandemic, except for students at one school. Additional analyses should provide valuable information for policymakers and educators on successes and challenges experienced by teachers and students in magnet schools during the pandemic.

Wang, J., La Torre, D., Adreani, L. F., Kinnard, L., Leon, S., Kikoler, D., & Rosales, E. (2022). Teaching and learning at 31 schools during the COVID-19 pandemic (CRESST Report 870). UCLA/CRESST.