The People of CRESST

CRESST conducts research that improves assessment, evaluation, technology, and learning.

Cathryn Still

Executive Director of ELPA21


Cathryn “Cat” Still is the Executive Director of ELPA21, an English language proficiency assessment system supported by member states and housed at CRESST. Prior to joining the team at CRESST, Cat worked as Program Director for ELPA21 at the Council of Chief State School Officers, leading the development of the ELPA21 assessment system under an Enhanced Assessment Grant from the US Department of Education. Cat brings strong expertise in organizational management, operations, and contract management, as well as years of experience building new programs, developing and executing strategic plans, and identifying and deepening operational efficiencies.

Previously, Cat supported Los Angeles Unified School District’s Comprehensive Assessment Program on behalf of the district’s assessment vendor, CORE ECS. Cat has also worked with 2U and The Princeton Review. Cat received her MA from the University of Texas and her BA from Trinity University.