The People of CRESST

CRESST conducts research that improves assessment, evaluation, technology, and learning.

Alan Koenig

Lead Research Scientist

Phone: 310-206-7111
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As a Lead Research Scientist, Dr. Alan Koenig’s expertise is in the design and application of innovative uses of technology in instructional settings, particularly in the field of automated assessment within computer-based games and simulations. Since 2007, Dr. Koenig has managed the development of multiple U.S. Navy-funded research projects, each involving the automated assessment of cognitively complex tasks and decision-making skills occurring in high-stakes, simulated environments. These domains include shipboard firefighting, Combat Information Center (CIC) tactical decision making, and conning officer shiphandling maneuvering and safety. Dr. Koenig’s research has also focused on measuring and assessing skills and skill decay in various Navy enlisted ratings, including that of the Fire Controlman.  In addition, Dr. Koenig has served as the lead software project manager for several technology-focused efforts for high-stakes K-12 assessment systems, including the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and ELPA21, whose solutions featured the development of RESTful web APIs for vendor assessment delivery system compliance, prototype development of assessment delivery frameworks, and database design and development.  Dr. Koenig holds a PhD in Educational Technology, a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and a BA in Economics.