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A Framework for Validating 21st Century Assessment Tools

Apr 2016

Roy Stripling, John J. Lee, and Joseph V. Cohn

As mobile devices become an internalized part of our personal behaviors and social interactions, they offer a tantalizing alternative to traditional human behavior assessments. Medical researchers, for example, have explored the use of mobile device data to generate epidemiological insights. Collecting and interpreting pattern-of-life data, however, are challenged by the need to ensure the validity, reliability, and accuracy of data collected from novel sources for use in assessing constructs previously assessed through non-computational methods. In this chapter, we present a useful framework and set of practices suitable for addressing these challenges and evaluating the validity of 21st century assessment tools.

Stripling, R., Lee, J. J., & Cohn, J. V. (2016). A framework for validating 21st century assessment tools. In H. F. O’Neil, E. L. Baker, & R. S. Perez (Eds.), Using games and simulations for teaching and assessment: Key issues (pp. 41-57). New York, NY: Routledge.