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Assessment of Teachers From a Social Psychological Perspective

Mar 2015

Ayesha Madni, Eva L. Baker, Kirby A. Chow, Girlie C. Delacruz and Noelle C. Griffin

The focus of this chapter is on the description and assessment of teachers’ social psychological factors, using the scientific literature as a base. Research on teachers’ social psychological domains has an ultimate goal of populating classrooms with competent people who can model and incite behaviors that assist students in their own learning. Social psychological based activities may include teachers’ showing that they care for students’ well-being; managing classrooms to keep interest, fairness, and effort at the fore; intervening in situations that may hurt students, such as bullying; and all the while focusing on helping students achieve learning goals. Clearly there are cognitive components of these behaviors. However, this chapter will examine, not exhaustively, key topics in the teacher social psychological literature; methods used to determine teachers’ status on variables, in this domain; and their association and impact in a variety of settings.

Madni, A., Baker, E. L., Chow, K. A., Delacruz, G. C., & Griffin, N. C. (2015). Assessment of teachers from a social psychological perspective. In J. Abedi & C. Faltis (Eds.), Review of Research in Education: Vol. 39. Teacher assessment and the assessment of students with diverse learning needs (pp. 54-86). doi:10.3102/0091732X14558203