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Getting a Handle on the Standards

Feb 2015

Barbara Jones, Glory Tobiason, Sandy Chang, Margaret Heritage and Joan Herman

This resource addresses key shifts in learning and teaching represented in the CCRS with a focus on understanding the Common Core State Standards. It provides an introduction to the CCSS and outlines a detailed process that teachers can use to become knowledgeable about the standards and prepared to teach them. An important first step in preparing to teach the CCSS well is to understand the content of the standards and how they differ from States’ prior standards. This resource is one in a series produced by the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation to assist teachers and those who support teachers to plan teaching and learning from the College and Career Ready Standard (CCRS) for diverse learners.

Jones, B., Tobiason, G., Chang, S., Heritage, M., & Herman, J. (2015). Getting a handle on the standards. Retrieved from the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation website: