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What’s Learned First, What’s Learned Together? Developing a Yearlong Plan from the K–8 College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematical Content

Dec 2014

Glory Tobiason, Sandy Chang, Margaret Heritage, Barbara Jones and Joan Herman

This resource provides the first step for merging mathematical content and practice standards in daily instruction. It helps teachers organize and arrange content standards into a meaningful yearlong sequence of learning, while taking a big-picture view of where particular practice standards fit especially well into this plan. The resource addresses two essential steps in the process of lesson planning from college and career ready standards: (1) gaining a deep understanding of the mathematical content in clusters of standards and the connections between and among the clusters; and (2) creating a yearlong roadmap that arranges and orders the content standards in preparation for instructional planning.

Tobiason, G., Chang, S., Heritage, M., Jones, B., & Herman, J. (2014). What’s learned first, what’s learned together? Developing a yearlong plan from the K–8 college and career ready standards for mathematical content. Retrieved from the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation website: