The People of CRESST

CRESST conducts research that improves assessment, evaluation, technology, and learning.

Kara Schlosser

Public Relations Manager

Phone: 310-367-4421

Kara Schlosser is the Public Relations Specialist for CRESST. Within CRESST, Kara serves as the Director of Communication for several projects including the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21) and the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI). Kara oversees both internal and external communications, marketing, and outreach. Kara’s professional communications experience includes classroom and post-secondary educator, and nonprofit, academic, and for-profit communications. Prior to joining CRESST, she served as the Director of Communications for the Council of Chief State School Officers during the development and state adoption of the common core state standards.

Kara has a Master of Arts in Education, Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, and degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies.